Volunteer's Corner

My wife Connie and I are the first-Saturday-of-the-month staff at the APL warehouse and have been for several years. It's a joy.

Visitors want to share details of what they hope to do in fixing up their property. Their words brim with pride in what they are explaining. And we are willing listeners. Sometimes in the course of conversation, they mention items sitting in their garage or cellar. Do you take donations? Yes.

For questions we can't answer, a call to one of the board members usually brings the anwer. But if none are available, we give their phone or email address to the customer. 

Some APL tooth-fairy type puts some of the new acquisitions on the internet (craigslist). That brings the customers. One such recently was an lavender bathroom set. A woman came in, looked at it, and promptly plunked down cash for the ticketed price. "My son will be back next week to pick it up," she said. Not an hour later, a man arrived wanting to buy the lavender bathroom set. We had to tell him he was too late by about an hour.

Who thought there'd be a run on lavender bathroom sets?

In summer, that same APL tooth fairy has the air conditioning unit running when we arrive.

For large or heavy pieces like doors, we open another set of warehouse doors with drive up access to haul purchases away. It provides a chance to explain how our building was built in the 1920's to provided sheltered parking for visitors to the nearby Hotel Traylor.

Maybe, because its's so much fun, APL should charge us to work there.

                                                                                                    -Dick Cowen